20 things about me

  1. I can read Italian much better than I can speak it
  2. I aim to rectify that
  3. I will never, ever wear a waterfall cardigan or a skirt above my knees or white trousers
  4. I adore all dogs and will happily converse in a dog voice
  5.  I have special friends who are all kindreds of some sort
  6. I write poetry.  Very badly
  7. I would lie under a bus and die or fight and claw for my children
  8. I read voraciously
  9. I call myself street sharp as opposed to intelligent
  10. I acted in the West End
  11. I love eating all foods but can happily go a day without food.  An oxymoron.  Sort of
  12. I love words like oxymoron
  13. I am a really good listener
  14. I would happily sing if you wanted to clear a room
  15. I want to do Strictly Come Dancing
  16. I am qualified to teach drama
  17. I am never sick
  18. I adore clothes that suit my age, are a bit out of the ordinary and want to design them (in my dreams)
  19. But I immediately slip into trakkies when I come home.  My dog drools
  20. I want very much to live every day as if it’s my last



Bren x

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