The Whys and wherefores


Hi there, I’m Brenda and I decided to start writing a little blog for absolutely no reason other than I wanted to try it and I love writing and I honestly don’t care if I am the only one who sees it!

I live in Dublin with my husband, Dan, have two “children”, Joanne and Senan and we have a beloved and barmy red and white setter, Snipe.  She who must be obeyed and who has even got an instagram account all to herself.

I took the name from a poem I love called “When I am Old I shall wear purple” by Jenny Joseph.  It encapsulates the eccentric woman I want to be and perhaps I already am.

These will be just general musings and thoughts of the life of a 61 year old woman.   Maybe some recipes, some thoughts on holidays, some fashion, some thoughts on creams and potions, some books I’d recommend or maybe I will just settle on one or a couple of things.  Who knows? I’m just going to get a handle on this and enjoy the fact that my brain is actually working, albeit slowly.

Bren x

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